Coating And Casting

medium wave infrared heating moudles

Product Description

Coating or Casting machines are commonly used to produce a thin and thick layer of solvents or aqueous-based slurries. Machines designed and developed by Kerone meet the latest state of art specifications that produce desired results in successfully casting and coating of ceramics, metals and composite tape cast. Kerone has proved its metal in coating/casting industries with its quality and cost-effective engineering solutions.

The drying chamber plays an equally important role in Coating/Casting systems like that of applicators. To cur coat/cast films properly with best results, a drying space consists of forced, filtered, and preheated air which is continuously drawn over the moving web in a counter-flow direction for convective drying, solvent gradient control, and exhaust removal. Drying results can be improved by deploying heater under the bed heaters with temperature control, results in extending the length of machines and providing better drying results.

Kerone’s objective has been clear to provide the best quality advanced and custom-designed machines that can provide high efficiency, repeatable performance with the best result every time, reduced maintenance, and easy to operate.
Every machine delivered from Kerone is developed through deep analysis that performed on each and every aspect of coating/casting such as :

Product Features

Coating thickness
Coating Material
The thickness of coating film
Maintaining smoothness of coating material’s viscosity
Drying techniques
Control and feedback mechanism
Coating/casting Speed
Surface study
Solvent gradient