Insulated Ceramic Infrared Heaters


Product Description

Insulatede Ceramic Infrared Heater is a special type of heater with proper insulation on the backside with highly efficient heat insulation meterial. They have a very long life even when used regularly. The special insulation keeps the internal parts safe and higher temperatures can be achieved easily without any risk or trouble. The insulation minimizes the heat losses and reduces the temperature in the wiring area. Hence, this can be regarded as a energy saving product. These heters are available in various shapes with different power capacity up to 1000w

Product Features

We make available this type of heater in standard size of
High temperature up to 900 degree centigrade
Fast heat up time approx. 2 minute.
Compact Size
Can be installed easily

Product Apllication

Our Ceramic Infrared Heaters are available in two standard models

PVC paste coatings on fabric
Powder coating
Paint Baking
Tenmpering glass
Soldering Printed Circuit Boards