Other Industries

Powder Drying

Paper Industries

Paper Industries


For heating, paper decoration For Heating, Drying, Pre-Heating, Adhesive Curring/coating, Ink Drying, Paper decoration, Decorative paper making.

Ceramic Industries


For Pre-Fire Drying, Heating, Sintering, Curing, Pre-heating, Cauterization, Surface treating, Mould removing, Hardening, Burning of Ceramics to 1300°C, Ceramic Surface Treating.

Wood Industries


For foaming, operating For Drying, Foaming, Modifying, Upgrading, Pre-treatment, Adhesive curing, Wood Joinery, Wood bending, Moisture removal, gluing.

Glass Industries


For melting , Varnishes For Varnishing, Moisture removal, Chopped strand, Roving packages, Tempering, Melting, Drying, Forming cake as well as glass fabrics

Plastic Industries


For melting, heating, polymerization For Polymerization, Heating, Melting, Pre- Treatment, Welding, Curing, Spraying, Forming, Treating, Recycling of plastics & waste, Shrinking of plastic semi-products, Shaping of polyester materials, Plastic gelatination & treatment.

Rubber Industries


For Rubber vulcanization, Rubber de-vulcanization, Rubber melting, Rubber curing, Heating of rubber bundles, Heating of latex foam rubber, Pre-heating of seals, Heating of slices of chemical composites containing rubber, Drying of polyester bands after dipping, Drying of rubber coated nylon bands, Heating of rubber semi products, Renovation of tires, Rubber extruder.