Thermocouple Ceramic Infrared Heaters

thermocouple ceramic infrared heaters

Product Description

CIH with thermocouple made of Nicrome and Nickle (NiCr-Ni) alloy. Thermocouple heater is embedded in immediate vicinity to the heating coil. The Thermocouple Heater is then connected with temperature controller to achieve desired temperature.
The need of controlled Infrared heating system was requirement of customer and the KERONE to address this need of customer has developed the Thermocouple Ceramic Infrared Heaters , which is a augmentation of thermocouple and Ceramic Infrared heaters , thermocouple made of Nickel and Nichrome (Nicer-Ni) is fitted near the heating coil and connected to temperature controller to obtain the desired temperature.

Product Features

Construction of temperature control system is very easy.
The operating temperature remains constant and is reached very quickly.
There is no impact of voltage fluctuation and air flow.
The temperature remains constant even in no-load operation
It has energy efficiency and environmental protection benefits
Heat losing in the non-radiation surface is small.

Product Apllication

Footwear processing, tape, plywood heating
Vacuum forming machine, Compression Molding Machine
Printing ink dryer, PCB repair station, Electric heating tables
Angle iron, Aluminum windows paint stove