Ceramic Infrared Heaters

ceramic infrared heaters

Product Description

We are one of the leading manufacturers of infrared equipments and heating elements. Our Infrared equipments are made with latest technology and research to provide best quality for our customers. Our Ceramic Infrared Heaters are designed to produce maximum output in form of heat energy. They are constructed by a firmly burnt-in heating coil. The heater incorporates highly heatproof resistance wire that provides safety against much damage. We supply Custom Wattage Ceramic Infrared Heaters as per the requirement of our clients. Longer service life is achieved since the resistance of the heaters is made to remain constant over the whole temperature range. The glaze used in this heater has excellent radiation properties therefore the radiation efficiency is also very high. This heater is available with Color Changing Feature as Yellow Ceramic IR Heater (CC FSR).

Product Dimension

Our Ceramic Infrared Heaters are available in two standard models

Full Length 245 mm (FSR) 60 mm 250 to 1000 W.
Half length 122 mm (FSR/2) 60 mm 125 to 500 W

Product Features

The material used does not oxidize resulting in cleaner surface and no wear out.
The coil is placed in a ceramic material and can be placed in any position.

Product Apllication

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming.
PVC Pipe belling and Socketing.
Hot stamping.
Heat Therapy.
Shrink Packaging.