Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater


Product Description

Our Twin Tube MW IR Heater is made up of 8-shape high-purity clear quartz twin tube, with each tube having Ni-Chrome heating coil that runs in U Shape in the tube.

Product Dimension

Heating up and cooling down time is approximately 50 secs.
Available with gold reflector and without reflector.
The outer rear side of the tube of the reflector has the gold coating.
Heat loss from backside is prevented by the reflector, thereby power is saved.
Results in making surrounding work area cooler.
Increases the efficiency and directionality of the heater.

Product Specifications

Standard sizes (in cross section): 11 mm x 23 mm & 15 mm x 32 mm.
Maximum length: 200 mm.
Power density: 60 KW / m2 can be achieved.

Product Apllication

Shrink Packaging Machines.
Drying Textiles.
Lamination Industries.
Rubber Curing.
Drying of paints
Processing Plastic foils and sheet